Partner With Us

We've partnered with over 110+ doctors and dental groups around the country to establish schools and help thousands of students launch careers as dental assistants.

Partnership Benefits:

  • Earn passive income before/after office hours.

  • Get immediate access to a consistent flow of externs and new-hires.

  • Contribute to the mission of making education accessible to all.

Our mission is to help build the next generation of healthcare workers, by making education accessible to all.

We know that four years of college isn’t the right path for everyone and that no one should be excluded from the opportunity to experience a financially secure future — especially when a rewarding and stable career in the dental field could be just 12 weeks away.

We believe aspiring dental assistants deserve the opportunity to go from the classroom to a career, faster, learning from experienced professionals through hands-on, skills-based training that leads to a successful career in the dental field.

And we believe that partnering with the industry is the strongest path to job creation for our students. Our partners serve their communities by increasing access to education and benefit financially through payments for the use of their office.

We currently have over 110+ program locations operating throughout the US and are growing daily!


Step 1:


We’ll start with a conversation to explore the opportunity together, determining whether the program site meets our requirements and if the location is a good fit for both parties.

Step 2:


We'll walk through the terms of a contract and come to a mutual agreement before a contract is formally executed.

Step 3:

Administrative and Legal

After contract execution, we'll prepare the program application and collect all required supplemental documents as required by the state for a new location submission.

Step 4:

Prepare for Opening

After state approval, we'll prepare to open. We'll set a start date for the first class, kick off marketing and recruitment, and work closely with your office to ensure a smooth supply delivery and equipment setup without disruptions.

Step 5:

Classes Start

The date of the first class approaches, and the school is officially in operation. On average, we host 4 classes per year.

Step 6:


Our Account Executives and Student Advisors will communicate with your office consistently with regard to the operations of the program. Student Advisors will facilitate any of your hiring needs and help funnel graduates as often as needed.

Interested in partnering with Zollege?

Here's What's Required:

  • Your office must be closed and available to us on Saturdays and Sundays

  • A minimum of 4 operatories/exam rooms and space to store our supplies

  • Accessible WiFi

  • Accessible parking

What We Guarantee:

  • Additional income for your practice with little to no effort from you and your team.

  • Access to trained dental assistants to help solve your hiring needs.

  • Additional insurance is provided for the practice that covers all program-related activities.

  • We cover all expenses and manage all operational components associated with the program.

Student in lab Student in lab

Partnership Application

To request an evaluation to become a host location, please fill out the application below:

Convenient Locations

Monday to Friday:  

8:00am - 8:00pm CST

Saturday & Sunday: 

8:00am - 5:00pm CST

    • North
    • 6817 N. Cedar Rd., Suite 201
    • Spokane, WA 99208